Posted on April 13, 2020, 7:15 pm
2 mins

Businesses want to maximize sales revenue and minimize costs in commercial activities. Businesses with planned tax management can pursue more flexible policies in sales of goods and services, evaluate opportunities better, resist crises and take more advantageous positions against their competitors.

The task of international corporate service and tax consultant is similar to that of the old-world explorer; to find new territory, explore it and carry home the prize.

As more and more organisations and individuals look beyond their own shores to add value to their business and personal affairs, so tax planners are being forced to consider tax at a global level. In developed countries, Tax Management is considered as a phenomenon and a field of expertise far beyond accounting and is taken seriously. Individuals or institutions seeking advantageous solutions in the context of International Tax Planning should start knowing that there should not be a single magic model suitable for all people in the world for the optimization of the tax burden.

High level of expertise is required to ensure that the generated solutions are up-to-date, effective and fully compliant. Entangled in a complex web of legal and tax rules and regulations, it’s important to find new ways to align tax strategies with overall business needs, while meeting compliance obligations wherever they arise.

Tax diversification will have new meaning to business owners. In the Great Recession many business owners learned they could not have all of their eggs in one basket — their businesses.

GlobalTrust professionals serve on tax desks working side-by-side with colleagues on similar rotations, creating a dynamic, team-based environment that fosters the development of truly integrated planning solutions.

GlobalTrust legal and tax departments are in constant communication with international framework to keep abreast of developments in local and international tax legislation; working as a team – tackling the problem from all sides – to arrive at the best possible answers for beyond border transactions.