Mergers & Acquisitions / JVs

Growth through acquisition should be an integral part of any strategic business development plan. If structured properly, an acquisition can help the buyer acquire new products and talented employees as well as enter new markets quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. GlobalTrust helps businesses find the right acquisition target or the right buyer for those business who want to sell.

GlobalTrust professionals explore global markets to identify suitable Joint-Venture Partners for clients’ businesses to fit with their strategic ambitions and scale-up their operations, determine the valuation range of the business, plans the deal placement strategy, develop the financial model and information memorandum to reach out to the potential JV partners and conduct negotiations on their behalf.

Debt/Liabilities Management

In most cases the matters of debt and liabilities can be managed out of court, by means of commercial dunning procedures. In some cases, though, this doesn’t work, by means of court proceedings – judicial dunning etc.

GlobalTrust can support companies and individuals by assisting and advising in financial difficulty and administrating their affairs with professional services including insolvency, receiverships, liquidations, voluntary arrangements, bankruptcies, corporate recovery, etc. and offers complete solution for settlement of the matters.

Cross-Border Human Resources

It is becoming increasingly commonplace for businesses of all sizes to operate across beyond borders. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar establishment in another jurisdiction or you have teams on location in foreign countries, to operate efficiently across beyond borders takes a special kind of knowledge and experience.

The outsourcing of various services is one of the most common examples that require the constant need of globally-distributed teams working in harmony. GlobalTrust can intermediate professionals and skilled/unskilled manpower to fulfil clients’ needs, help to manage conflicts between management, staff, co-workers etc. by providing an environment that discourages conflicts.