In today’s fiercely competitive global market, success depends on finding and seizing new opportunities to grow business and better manage risks.

GlobalTrust was established in 1990s with the mission to provide country-specific business knowledge, multidisciplinary experience and professional synergy in all sectors with legal, financial and industrial requirements for enabling organisations invest and operate seamlessly beyond their own borders.

Incorporation beyond borders requires a forward-looking and correct initial move like by chess

Today, the digital revolution has enabled many entrepreneurs, and also established national brands, to grow businesses beyond their own borders.

GlobalTrust goes where the clients’ business takes them with an ensured organisational presence wherever professional support is required, provides all-round-services by establishing companies beyond borders and supports to carry business operations with strategic road maps and solutions.

So whether you’re launching a company, creating a foundation or setting up a fund or Special Purpose Vehicle, you can feel secure that everything is being built by GlobalTrust for the long-term, right from the start.

GlobalTrust shelf companies are carefully structured to let clients get their business up and running quickly. Investors can avoid unnecessary commitment while an acquisition, start-up or capital investment is under negotiation.

​​If you desire to focus on your work and clients without having to deal with the costs and time constraints of running your own company beyond borders, you can easily get paid and invoice your clients through ‘Oncall.Company’ concepted and powered by GlobalTrust. The leased company acts as a commission agent between you and your client.

You can send your invoices from Oncall.Company, receive payments from your customers, pay your subcontractors and suppliers and withdraw money to your bank account, PayPal, debit/credit card or crypto wallet as compensation.